Anthony Welch

Professor of Education,
Faculty of Education and Social Work,
University of Sydney



Anthony Welch is Professor of Education, Faculty of Education and Social Work, University of Sydney. A policy specialist, his numerous publications include studies of reforms and policy issues within Australia, Asia, and elsewhere, as well as theoretical contributions.

He holds an M.A., and Ph. D. from the University of London, has lectured in many parts of the world, and has authored or edited more than ten books. His work has been translated into numerous European and Asian languages. Professor Welch has consulted to international agencies such as UNDP, Commonwealth of Learning and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), governments in Australia, Asia, as well as within Europe, and to US Foundations and institutions; he has project experience in several parts of Asia, notably China and South East Asia, particularly regarding higher education reforms.

A Fulbright New Century Scholar, for 2007-8 (Theme: Access and Equity in Higher Education), and DAAD scholar, he has been Visiting Professor in the USA, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia. He recently led an Australian Research Council Grant for a project on the Chinese Knowledge Diaspora, and his Consultancy roles include the major Asian Development Bank (ADB) project, Higher Education in Dynamic Asia, and Higher Education Consultant (ADB) for the Comprehensive Education Sector Review (CESR), Myanmar, 2012-13, as well as to other governments, foundations and agencies. He has contributed to the high-level policy symposium, Beijing Forum, and holds the title of Professor and Ph. D. Supervisor at a major Chinese university. In 2015 he was honoured as Haiwai Mingshi (Distinguished Overseas Scholar) by China’s national agency SAFEA (State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs).

Selected Books: Welch, A., (Ed.) The Professoriate: Profile of a Profession (Springer 2005).
Connell, R., Welch, A., et al (2007) Education, Change and Society (Oxford 2007), (2nd. revised Edition, 2010, 3rd revised edition, 2013).
Jarvis, D. and Welch, A., (Eds.) (2011) ASEAN Industries and the Challenge from China. London, Palgrave. (In Press).
Welch, A., (2011). Higher Education in South East Asia. Blurring Borders, Changing Balance. Public and Private. London, Routledge.
Counting the Cost. Higher Education for Inclusive Growth in Asia. Manila ADB

For more details of relevant publications etc, see:

International Conference on Future of Education 2018.

Statement from the Chair.

Education is at a time of genuine change. More and more people are gaining access, including via new information technologies. Yet, at the same time, inequality remains a major problem. Girls, rural dwellers, the urban poor, and minorities often still face a difficult path into and through education, with lower rates of participation and uncertain outcomes.

At the same time, the quest for global talent is increasingly global. Both educational institutions and employers are casting their nets more widely, to catch talented students and graduates from around the world. This is one index of increasing competitiveness, both within systems and internationally. Many universities are no longer just content to be prominent nationally, but are positioning themselves on various league tables and international ranking schemes. Schools, too, are in some cases marketing themselves internationally.  

What do such transitions mean for the world of education? How are teachers, academics, institutions and systems responding to these changes, and with what effect. Who is able to take advantage of this changing world of education and who is being left behind? The International Conference on Future of Education 2018 offers the opportunity for researchers, policy makers and practitioners from around the world, to debate and discuss these changes, and to propose solutions.

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