Professor Li-fang Zhang

Faculty of Education,
University of Hong Kong


Professor Li-fang Zhang is the Head of the division of Division of Learning, Development and Diversity in Faculty of Education, University of Hong kong. She received two master degrees from Shanghai Normal University and The University of Iowa and she obtained her Ph.D. from The University of Lowa. She is Editor- in- Chief in [Oxford] Encyclopedia of Educational Psychology and associate editor in Educational Psychology, Journal of Educational Psychology , Journal of Cognitive Education and Psychology.

She has worked as visiting fellow in Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, Teachers College, Columbia University, and University of Nebraska. Prof. Zhang was a Honorary Chair Professor of School of Education, Shanghai Normal University. She also has been as a Visiting Professor at Tufts University and Yale University, USA.

She has Ranked in the top 1% scholars in the world (Database: the ISI’s Essential Science Indicators, 2009). She has also published 8 Books and 100+ publications.

Professor Samson Nashon

Faculty of Education,
Head & Professor of Science Education
Faculty of Education
Department of Curriculum and Pedagogy
The University of British Columbia

Dr. Nashon is the Head, and David F. Robitaille Professor in Mathematics & Science Education in University of British Columbia. His area of specialization focuses on students’ alternative understandings that have roots in cultural backgrounds and curricula, and are accommodative of students with varying degrees of abilities. His research is dominantly qualitative, borrowing primarily from contemporary theories of constructivism. His most recent research projects include the ongoing Metacognition and Reflective Inquiry (MRI),East African Students’ Ways of Knowing (EASWOK), The Status of Physics 12 in BC, The Nature of Analogies Kenyan Physics Teachers Use, and Students’ Access To Senior Science and Mathematics Courses in Rural BC. Previous studies include, The Role of Practical Work in Science, and The Kind of Science in Kenyan “Harambee Schools.

Dr. Nashon’s experience as a former high school teacher of physics and mathematics, teacher educator, and as an editor of curriculum materials related to science, provides him with a lens through which he examines the link between theory and practice in the classroom, the nature of science curricula, how the curricula material is taught, and the role that students’ preconceptions play in the teaching and learning of such material. He is currently involved in teaching a physics methods course to preservice teachers, Foundations Research Methods, Action Research Methods, and several science education courses to graduate students.