Workshop on Strategies for Applying Course Content to Real- World Contexts


We are pleased to invite you to join and grab the opportunity to learn on Strategies for Applying Course Content to Real World Contexts by participating in this workshop.

Research in educational psychology and related disciplines has much to offer for university instructors considering strategies for effective teaching.  One of the more challenging yet critically important aspects of instruction at all levels is connecting both factual and theoretical information to the everyday world and demonstrating how classroom material is relevant to these real-world contexts.

Why you should attend?

This workshop will discuss strategies for assisting learners to identify how course material applies to situations in everyday life, empowering them to be more effective as citizens in the modern world.

Resource Person

Dr. Brian D. Beitzel

State University of New York College,

On 13th June 2019

From 2.30p.m to 3.30p.m

Who should attend?

  • Academics/Teachers/Lecturers
  • Students
  • Industry Experts
  • Policy makers


(Free Registration to all conference participants)

Workshop on “Digital Technology for Education”

The workshop on Digital Technology for Education is to help participants advance their knowledge, understanding, and fluency with digital learning trends, methods and tools. All conference participants are invited to grab this unique opportunity created inside the 2nd International Conference on Future of Education.


Digital Learning

Advanced technology is spreading across the industry of education at a super-sonic speed. With the wide use of digital technology in schools and universities it literally opens up the entire new world for today’s students. Educational technology is succeeding in making learning collaborative and interactive. Augmented, virtual, and mixed reality are examples of transformative technology that enhance teacher instruction while simultaneously creating immersive lessons that are fun and engaging for the student.

Virtual reality has the capability of bringing the outside world into the classroom and vice versa. Today’s pervasive online environment poses exciting possibilities, ones that necessitate students are properly educated on cyber safety and individual responsibility

On 14th June 2019

From 3.50 p.m – 5.20 p.m

Why you should attend?

  • Apply new skills in regards to educational technology in the classroom
  • Demonstrate the use of educational technologies in the classroom
  • Identify ways that educational technology can be used to support instruction and student learning.

Resource Person

Mr. Tim Bergmeier

Director, InPlace (Asia)

Who should attend?

This workshop is aimed at researchers, academicians, policymakers, and industry experts to ensure that skills that are vital for learning, life and work in an increasingly digitized world.

Panel Discussion on “The Role of Education in Economic Development

“Education is now the number one economic priority in today’s global economy.” – John Naisbitt, Author of Megatrends

The importance of knowledge and learning has been recognized since the beginning of time. Education in every sense is one of the fundamental factors of development and enriches people’s understanding of themselves and the world. Education refers to the development of human skills and knowledge of the people or labour force. It is not only the quantitative expansion of educational opportunities but also the qualitative improvement of the type of education which is imparted to the labour force that holds the key to economic development. Because of its significant contribution to economic development, education has been called as human capital and expenditure on education of the people as an investment in man or human capital.

So the human capital and physical capital are both required for economic development and that each has a positive external effect on the productivity of the other. To end with Education is the key to solve every problem, no nation could achieve sustainable economic development without substantial investment in human capital. Therefore, Education and economy are interrelated to play a very crucial role in securing economic and social progress in the society.

Thus, this panel discussion featuring prominent economists and other experts from around the world will provide the opportunity to have your questions and doubts cleared during the Q & A session subsequent to the main session.

On 13th June 2019

From 4.00p.m to 6.00p.m


(Free registration for all conference participants)


Brian D. Beitzel, Ph.D.

Director of Education Assessment and Accreditation
Professor of Educational Psychology
School of Education and Human Ecology
State University of New York College, Oneonta
New York


Dr. Edward Roy Krishnan

President European International University (EIU), Paris
Managing Director of Bangkok School of Management(BSM) – Bangkok



Dr. Edoardo Monaco Associate Professor and Director of the Government and International Relations Programme Hong Kong Baptist University & Beijing Normal University United International College China

Dr. Edoardo Monaco

Associate Professor and Director of the Government and
International Relations Programme
Hong Kong Baptist University & Beijing Normal University
United International College