prof. muyisa paluku kazimoto

Vice Chancellor
Aerdc-Open Learning University
Democratic Republic Of Congo

Prof. Paluku Kazimoto is from the office of Vice-Chancellor, AERDC – Open Learning University, Beni, Democratic Republic of Congo. He is dynamic, innovative, and analytical leader skilled to directing administrative operations. He is an outstanding researcher focusing on organization management, finance and accounting, socio-economic development and information technology. He has published widely on those topics and has significantly contributed to organization management and academia operations across regions. To date he has several publications in the form of books, book chapters, and articles to his recognition.

He holds several awards, the best administrator at Kampala International University (2015) Uganda, for research publications from Asia-Pacific International University in Thailand, and best researcher from University of Arusha. Was appointed as Director of Kampala University-Luwero Campus from 2014-2015, Dean of School of Business Administration at the University of Arusha in Tanzania from 2011, Consultant for Interface University Society at the University of Lubumbashi and financial management in several organizations. From 2000-2010 he had served as auditor and finance director in various organizations.

Prof. Kazimoto has gained experiences in leading organizations’ operations and has successfully led improvement planning, and innovation initiative in a wide variety of organizations and institutions of higher learning. He has gained experiences in designing courses and he is determined to bolstering educational offerings to suit the current trend of knowledge management in higher learning institutions based on competencies of learners. Prof. Kazimoto is devoted to contribute to the conference organised by the Institute of Knowledge Management (TIIKM) with the theory of Fist In Last Out (F.I.L.O), which is designed to strengthen and shape the knowledge about organizations and countries leadership management.  He is a hardworking and visionary leader that focus on creative innovation and entrepreneurship as a model for organizations management to offer services that can enhance the community sustainable development.

dr. ruel r. billones

National Institutes of Health
United States

Dr. Ruel R. Billones is a research fellow in clinical psychology at the Symptom Science Center in National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA. He is also a visiting faculty at the Graduate School of Psychology of Ateneo de Davao University. His research interest is the integration of mental health in educational settings.

Jun S. Camara

Chief Director
PARESSU Inc Faculty
College of Education
Pangasinan State University

Dr. Jun S. Camara is a graduate of Teacher Education Major in Biology with Lantin Honors, a holder of a master’s degree specialized in Science Education, PhD in Science Education, and is presently pursuing his Juris Doctor (Law) degree. Dr Camara has written more than 5 books in the field of Research, Environmental Science, Genetics, Statistics, and Biology used in several high schools and universities in the Philippines, and with more than 100 citations (as of January 14, 2021) in his more than 20 research publications, including his scopus publications.
Presently, he has been serving for 3 years already as Chief Director of PARESSU, Inc – a non-profit national research organization in the Philippines committed to building a culture of best practices in research and statistics. He has served as a plenary speaker in the Asian Multidisciplinary Research Conference (2019 and 2020) and in a regional conference on academic research held in the Philippines in 2019, respectively. His research interests include Qualitative Inquiry, Curriculum Development in Biology and Research, Academic Self-Efficacy, Bibliometric Analysis, Statistical Research, and Assessment in Education. Having served as a peer reviewer in international journals, including scopus-indexed journals, he has gained considerable experience in online journal management using Open Journal System, and has in fact launched and published 4 online journals in 2019 which are now gaining popularity both inside and outside the Philippines. Presently, Dr Camara is affiliated at the College of Education of Pangasinan State University, Lingayen Campus, Lingayen, Pangasinan, Philippines.